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Parachute-cord-handle-wrap, instead of weaving it around paracord strands, just do the same thing around your handle. this wrap is best on flat handles, but will work on round too. for a different look/grip you can orient the knotting on either the ridge or the flat side of the handle. learn how to make the one in the picture with this video tutorial.. This time we present you one of simplest and basic way of how to wrap a handle with paracord or similar rope. cbys tiat @, paracord handle wraps are commonly used for wrapping handles of knives (and swords), axes, tomahawks, as well as other tools used for survival. there are several benefits of having a paracord wrap on your tools: improves the grip of your handle by adding friction.

Wrapping the handle of a tomahawk, axe, or hatchet with some paracord has many advantages. it can protect the handle a little bit from a missed strike, where the handle might get marks or nicks in the wood. the paracord also makes the handle less slippery., in this video i show you the simplest method of wrapping any handle in paracord. it can be anything, from a lighter (like in the video) to a walking stick, a knife, a whatever. the coolest thing is you get more paracord ‘storage’ with this method than most knots/weaves. it takes six feet to properly wrap a lighter this way..

Trim and melt any excess cords. this wrap used 10 ft of 550 paracord to make 4 ½ inches of wrap. the handle was less than ¾ inch in diameter. larger diameter handles will use more paracord., this twisting grip is a little more decorative than functional, but it will still give you a good grip, spruces up the handle, and stores a good amount of paracord. if you can do the cobra weave (#1 on this list) then you can do this twisting wrap, also called the dna weave. it's done exactly the same, except you don't switch what cord is on top..

Wrapping paracord around the handle of a knife or similar tool gives the handle greater traction, making it easier to hold. there are multiple ways to wrap paracord. most are fairly simple and equally practical, so the right choice is...

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